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Oregon City Municipal Elevator

Went to visit the Oregon City Municipal Elevator on Friday.The Oregon City Municipal Elevator is a 130-foot tall elevator which connects two neighborhoods. It is the only outdoor municipal elevator in the US and one of only four in the world. The current elevator was designed and built in the late 1950’s, hence to “space age” look.

The city is basically split in two by a 90 foot cliff. The original elevator was erected in 1915. It replaced a 750 step stairway and was water-powered. After several frustrating years It was converted to electric power in 1924. The elevator is free and there is a helpful operator during the hours it is open, 7am to 7pm.

We also walked across the Oregon City bridge It is a great little bridge currently under repair. The bridge was originally built in 1922 replacing a pedestrian suspension bridge.

Check out the rest of my photos from the trip.


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