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Exploring Gresham, OR

June 26th Lauren, Hannah and I went on an adventure to Gresham. We had fun at the Craft Warehouse. Which is the closest thing I have seen yet out here to Hobby Lobby,(my favorite craft store in the Midwest). Hannah got to make a free craft project and I found some great beads. Next it was over to the Learning Palace a fantastic place to find educational fun stuff for kids. They have all the home school stuff,toys that involve thinking, and lots of cute stickers, pencils and doodads. The prices are reasonable they have a ton of things to chose from and the clerk was extremely helpful. We even found the Summer Bridge seires workbooks. The workbooks are designed to build on skills learned through the school year and prepare a student for the following grade level. It is set up with one work sheet per day for the whole summer, with each sheet covering the 3R’s. Plus reading lists, and additional projects. Very cool, and Hannah is excited about it.

After spending the morning browsing,and shopping, we were ready for some lunch and had a delicious meal on the patio of “Old Chicago”. Fun times!

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Mothers Day 2009

For Mother’s day this year, Lauren and Hannah took me out for breakfast at the IKEA store. It was a great breakfast of fresh fruit, eggs, bacon and pancakes. Hannah had Elderflower juice to drink.

It was a wonderful morning, the three of us, sitting in the sun filled window, watching planes come into the airport, sharing giggles and conversation. Of course after breakfast there was the Ikea shopping adventure.