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Thrill the World – Zombie Walk

Saturday October 23, 2010, was Portland’s 4th annual Thrill the World Zombie Walk. Around 200 participants performed to Michael Jackson’s Thriller in Pioneer Courthouse Square, followed by a Zombie March through the streets of downtown Portland, finishing up by Saturday Market in the waterfront park.

Thrill the World had comparatively modest beginnings. On Sunday, October 29th, 2006, Thrill Toronto’s 62 zombies officially set the first Guinness World Record for “Largest Thriller Dance!” (in one location).

Thrill The World 2009 had 34 nations and more than 250 cities from all around the world participating. As a side effect of the 2009 Thrill the World, the events raised over $100,000 USD for 80 charities.
(Thrill the World information from Wikipedia )

The weather was kind and stayed in the drizzle range for the dance and most all of the walk. There were 200 participants for the Thrill the World dance and I have to guess four to six times that many for the walk.

There was a wide range of ages, from retired folks to little kids, all having a blast playing Zombies, including whole families.

One of the things I love about this city, is the people of Portland, who never pass up the opportunity to dress up and go out and play. I am so looking forward to next year.

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Happy Halloween, to all!


NY Times Subway Photos

New York Subway slidshow, click here

This is a fantastic collection of Photo, showing an almost 100 year history of the New York Subway A gallery of New York Times photography documenting 10 decades of New York City’s subway system. Take some time to enjoy this great collection

You can find more really interesting articles about the NY subway in the Times Subway Special Edition here:

Portland Pirates

The city of Portland, OR does love it’s pirates. On any given day you are likely to see one walking down the street. But, on September 20th, at the annual Pirate Festival the city showed the world just how much it loves pirates, by breaking the Guinness Book world record for the most pirates gathered in one place.
“The current record for the most people dressed as pirates is 1,140, set at Heide-Park, in Germany, on 6/2/2007. Portland Pirate Festival draws enough scallywags decked out in Pirate finery, will be sure to break the record for the most people d…ressed as pirates gathered in one location.”

Lauren signing in to be counted

Lauren signing in to be counted

THE CURRENT RECORD IS NOW BROKEN!! 1655 pirates (including Lauren and Hannah) at the Portland Pirate Fest 9/20/2009 Arrr matties!

The weather was beautiful and the festival had such a warm friendly atmosphere, it made for a perfect day.

It was a family friendly event with lots of kid-centric activities.

And top notch entertainment

Kiddie Shows!

And dancing!


All my photos from the festival can be see here, Spidersart Studio – Pirate Fest

Fireworks on the 4th, on Mt. Tabor

Mt Tabor is one of the many beautiful city parks in Portland, OR (info on Mt. Tabor park). It is a mountain, or specifically an extinct volcanic cinder cone right in the city proper.

The above photo is the view of Mt. Tabor from the Ross Island Bridge.

In 1894 the city built the first two of four open water reservoirs on Mt Tabor.

On the fourth, we watched the city fireworks from the top of Mt. Tabor. There is a road and parking right near the top, with a short, but uphill walk to get to a vantage point looking down Hawthorn Ave., straight to the river, where the fireworks are shot off from a barge.

It is a mountain forest escape right in the city. We had a nice picnic before the fireworks show, and afterwards, while we waited for the traffic to clear out, Lauren and Hannah showed off their mad crazy hooping skills.

Click here to see more photos from Mt. Tabor

Exploring Gresham, OR

June 26th Lauren, Hannah and I went on an adventure to Gresham. We had fun at the Craft Warehouse. Which is the closest thing I have seen yet out here to Hobby Lobby,(my favorite craft store in the Midwest). Hannah got to make a free craft project and I found some great beads. Next it was over to the Learning Palace a fantastic place to find educational fun stuff for kids. They have all the home school stuff,toys that involve thinking, and lots of cute stickers, pencils and doodads. The prices are reasonable they have a ton of things to chose from and the clerk was extremely helpful. We even found the Summer Bridge seires workbooks. The workbooks are designed to build on skills learned through the school year and prepare a student for the following grade level. It is set up with one work sheet per day for the whole summer, with each sheet covering the 3R’s. Plus reading lists, and additional projects. Very cool, and Hannah is excited about it.

After spending the morning browsing,and shopping, we were ready for some lunch and had a delicious meal on the patio of “Old Chicago”. Fun times!

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Wordle is fun

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Here is me in a word cloud

Driving in Portland, OR

Tuesday, as I was inching my way home on SE 82nd Ave, my mind wandered onto the fact of how really nice drivers are in Portland. I have driven all over the country, in many large cities and, have to say, I’ve never experienced the civility that Portland offers. The drivers for the most part are considerate of everyone around them. Merging is never an issue because everyone takes turns. I smile every time I am coming back from the West side on the Ross Island bridge. three very heavily traveled roads become one right at the start of the bridge and could be an incredible bottle neck at rush hour. Yet the people just all take turns, even stopping so that the next car from the other road gets in on their “turn”. Very nice!

I have yet to be honked at by another driver, and very seldom hear a car horn. This is especially true downtown. The typical city traffic noise is barley noticeable.

As a teenager I honed my driving skills on the streets of Chicago. The first rule of driving in Chicago is you are going to encounter honking and hand gestures, if you have done anything wrong or not. It doesn’t take long driving around Philadelphia to understand how the City of Brotherly Love has one of the highest homicide rates in America. Driving there raised my anxiety to near homicidal levels. I think that the only thing I can say about driving in either New York or Washington, DC, is just believe everything you have ever heard. It is as bad as they say.

So Tuesday evening, when I sat down to read the news the first headline that caught I eye was “Road rage survey: Portland drivers nation’s ‘most courteous'”. WOW! Not earth moving, but serendipitous, none the less.

Portland drivers nation’s most courteous

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