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The Problem With QR Codes

 This is such simple advice, but I have seen all these mistakes. I love the approch of Scott Stratten’s UnMarketing Keynote at the NAMP conference, discussing QR Codes and the problem with them. Just wanted to share his genius with you. To book Scott to speak at your event or call 1-888-580-9969


First man to make a cell phone call speaks out

Martin Cooper; “You should not be a slave to your telephone,” he said. “The technology is there to serve you, not the other way around. If the technology is not making your life better — if it is robbing you of experiences in the real world that you would otherwise be enjoying — then you are working for it, when it should be working for you.”

Read Bob Greene’s artical here:

Interactive Resume

Spidersart Resume

Experimenting with different types of resume. Clicking on the text above will take you to a resume presentation of sorts.